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Courses offered

IIAE offers a wide range of Learning Solutions that cater to virtually every IT training need. We have a comprehensive range of programs aimed at students seeking a career in the IT, non-IT and ITES-BPO sectors, the all new, industry-endorsed IIAE, trains learners in the skills considered hot within the IT sector and ensures that the exit profiles of students fit the requirements of the IT organizations, user companies and BPO firms.

IIAE also provides a Curriculum for Advance Technology Studies familiarizes IT professionals with the latest and emerging technologies in the field of IT, enabling them to stay at the cutting edge and get ahead in their jobs. On offer are state-of-the-art Microsoft, IBM and Oracle certified programs.

IIAE's initiative to meet the manpower needs of the growing ITES industry, offers learners a curriculum endorsed by industry majors.

Course Name Code Duration
A.D.S.E svc101 2year
Certificate in Manual Accounting DMA101 4 Month
Certificate in Office Automation OA 101 3 Month
Certificate in Desktop Publishing DTP101 3 Month
Certificate in Computer Accounting CA103 2 month
Certificate inWeb Programming DWT101 6 Month
Diploma in Programming Language
Programming in C & C ++ V. B .net 12.0,(Visual Basic) ASP.net with C# 2012 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Oracle DataBase Java Programming Live Projects (Industrial Training)
DP101 1 Year
Certificate in Computer Application & Programme DCCAP201 6 Month
Certificate in Computer Application & DTP DCCP202 6 Month
Certificate in Financial Accounting DCFA203 6 Month
Certificate in Hardware HAD201 6 Month
Certificate in Networking NET103 6 Month
Diploma in CP CP101 1 Year
Diploma in Web Designing (DWD) WD102 1 Year
Diploma In Computer Application DCA 1 Year
Diploma in Hardware & Networking HN104 1 Year
Advance Diploma in Computer Application & Accounts ADCAA101 2 Year
Diploma In Computer Applications & Accounts DCAA102 1 Year
Advance Diploma in Software Engineering ADSE102 2 Year
Certificate in Computer Networking NET102 3 Month
Diploma In Hardware Engineering DHE 1 Year
Diploma in Financial Accounting DFA101 1 year
Advance Diploma in Web Development ADWDP 2 YEAR
Certificate In Web Designing CWD 6 Month
Advance Diploma in Programming & Web Development ADPWD 3 YEARS
Course Name Code Duration
Diploma In Fashion Designing DFD105 1 Year
Advanced Diploma In Fashion Designing DFD02 2Year
Diploma In fashion]
Course Name Code Duration
Certificate in Spoken English ENG101
Course Name Code Duration
No courses available...
Course Name Code Duration
Diploma in Embroidery & Needle works DEN101 1 year
Course Name Code Duration

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